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Capricorn Characteristics

Know more about Capricorn characteristics. Find out a lot more in detail about characteristics of Capricorn male and female.

Capricorn Characteristics

Capricorn people are slow and steady. They are more social and capable of adjusting with the people around. They are always serious and somber by nature. They possess pleasant personality with soothing vocal cord and have good convincing power. Capricorns are harmless and love peace. They are incapable of dealing with harsh situations or extreme fights. They are great reservoir of patience as they can bear strains, abuses and failures calmly. The Capricorn knows well what his destination is and quietly moves forward to his goal. They honor and respect people of high positions and authority. They are very practical and avoid day- dreaming. The Capricorn is not concerned with the worldly problems and is free from obsession, rage, abuse, negligence and idleness.


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